The wave of Literacy


Peace to us all wherever you are, first of all I Admin blog www .Bameswara.Site thanksgiving Alhamdulillah, today I would like to convey to the Netizen. That this blog is made not to deploy a negatively charged content such as pornography, sexually explicit, Hoak news, etc.

Blog was created as a means of sharing information and everything useful and entertaining for the Netizens and gentlemen, like the title, the word contained in this blog is The wave of script, says
The wave in a large dictionary Indonesian meaningful hand gestures, call, call, call-to. And said
script meaningful letter, The wave of script in this blog has a sense of call or invitation to everyone, especially Netizens to enjoy the arrangement letter by letter in Www.Bameswara.Site.

I Admin Www.Bameswara.Site hope that with the establishment of this blog, hopefully providing something useful in the future, and can provide a real movement to combat illiteracy, so that participate in making national life, contained in the text of The Preamble of the Constitution of 1945. I also would like to express thenks profusely on to Google because it has facilitated us the means Hosting Blog named and to all those associated with the achievement of site creation Www.Bameswara.Site.

Maybe it was just the opening phrase of my words as Admin and writer on the blog Www.Bameswara.Site (The wave of Literacy) , more or less I would like to apologize, and if there is
one word text writing in this opening phrase, again with my utter humility apologize profusely. Thank you for your attention.


Cirebon, 11 November 2018

Yours truly,


Admin & Writer